Support with Hospital Discharge

Our experience tells us how important it is to get patients back on their feet following hospital treatment. Long stays in hospital can be as detrimental to one’s health as they can be helpful, especially for elderly patients who are prone to picking up infections.

Our Hospital Discharge service puts in place measures to ensure a quick and easy recovery following hospital treatment. Working closely with the patient and family, we conduct a thorough pre-discharge assessment. This not only allow us to put together a comprehensive care plan but also ensures we can source any special equipment or make adaptations to the client’s home in preparation of their arrival.

The assistance we provide following hospital discharge may include help with washing and dressing, medication support and general household tasks. Our carers are also thoroughly trained in mobility support and experienced in the use of wheelchairs, hoists and the correct movement of patients. Carers also provide social support in the form of companionship and escorted outings, be it a trip to the hospital for a follow-up appointment, or just a short walk in the park to get some fresh air.