Respite Care

Let's give you a break!

Usually carers, particularly family members, can feel worried or guilty about taking a break from caring for their loved ones.
We at Trimarge understand the need for carers either short or long-term, to have a break. It’s important for every carer to have some time to themselves, not only for their own wellbeing but also for that of the person they care for.

Our Respite Care packages provide short-term support for long-term carers with minimum disruption to their loved ones. Our carers are able to provide respite care on either a one-off or more regular basis and are experienced with a variety of long-term illnesses including dementia and Parkinson’s disease.

Before assigning a team member to provide respite care we organise initial meetings with the existing carer and their loved ones. Communication between all parties promotes the sharing of ideas, which in turn can create a smooth transition between long term carer and respite carer.