Support with Learning Disability

Our professional carers are trained to care for individuals with Learning Disabilities, enabling them to reclaim their independence. At Trimarge Care, transparency is a core value, therefore we will provide you with detailed care reports, so you can check on the care you receive and monitor your own well being. Our comprehensive services go beyond care at the home.

When supporting people with learning disabilities, there are certain basic principles and values that sum up everything we believe in, and guide everything we do.


A shift in the balance of power so that people with learning disabilities can make their own decisions and take control of their own lives.


Having access to a wide range of options, and respecting choice.


Recognising and valuing people with learning disabilities as equal human beings with the same rights as everyone else.


Responding to and working with each person as an individual with his or her own unique personality, perspective and strengths.


Ensuring that Service Users are treated in a manner which safeguards their dignity at all times.  Service Users are not exposed to any situation which might humiliate, embarrass or cause any personal or emotional discomfort.